Friday, August 10, 2012

Addendum to August 6

Bracken sent me (Megan) an email the day after the big one with an update to THIS letter... 


Paul's name isn't Paul, it's Andrew. But the point of me telling you this?? Because we had two people we met ask us if we were the same young men who helped Andrew clean up his tree. I can't complain about having that sort of a reputation in this neighborhood. Now three people in the area have our phone numbers and know us as the missionaries who are willing to help people out, especially because we helped one of those two, a man named Matt, clean up a bunch of stuff in his backyard to take to the dump. We're getting a good name for ourselves out here!


He also wanted me to add a few more pictures of Freedom (the town he's in) and the farm life he is experiencing. 

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