Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12 Letter


After a great job of buying oatmeal last week... I just bought a dozen
donuts today. I'm so fat....

Ummm well, I talked to you yesterday, so I'll let this be short so I
don't overstay my welcome.

But, ultimately, there's really not much to update from this week
anyways. Haha we visited too many people a week ago to possibly have
anyone to see this week. Ohhh the frustration haha.

We did, however, meet with a guy named Jeremy. We met him at a
"Reasons for God" event on campus. He's a Christian apologist, and
wanted to meet up and talk with us. Well... It was mostly a waste of
time haha. He claims to have studied Mormonism for four and a half
years, yet he pronounced Nephi in a way that rhymes with "Jeffy" and
also offered to buy us coffee, so it shows you how good of research he
accomplished. However, he did seem to know all about the King Follett
discourse, blood atonement, and supposed problems with the Book of
Abraham. Haha it was just silly. I think he also expected me to know
less about those things than I did, because it was almost like he was
asking them just so he could have some sort of shock value. But,
pretty much any time I answered his challenge, he would dart to a
completely unrelated topic. The only time he tried to hold his ground
was on the Book of Abraham, but he didn't get that all I was saying is
we don't have the papyri that the Book of Abraham was translated from
over and over and over again. It was silly and useless. The weirdest
part is he never really offered anything in return. He didn't want to
hear what we had to offer (just kept continually asserting that he'd
studied us for four years) but never offered anything else. Futile...

Then yesterday we had this random man come into the church.
Unfortunately it was already over... But he lives next door and was
curious so he came at noon when he thought church started. We took
him on a quick tour of the chapel (it's new so it actually is quite
nice) and introduced him to Bishop. Now he's planning on being there 

next Sunday! Pretty neat!

Additionally, yesterday just turned into our hang-out-with-kids day.
We were in the nursery all third hour at church, then went to the
quad's grandparents for dinner with them, then went to the park with
Barbie and her kids to prep for FHE tonight. Fun day!

Buuuut yeah... I really don't have much more, so I'll just call it good now,

I love you, but I don't miss ya!
Elder Allen

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