Friday, February 21, 2014

February 17 Letter

Ha, it's been an odd week...

On Tuesday, I started getting a sore throat and a headache. By that night, I was miserable. Sure enough, I had strep throat! That kept me down and inside until most of the way through Thursday. While it makes it so I had significantly fewer groceries to buy today, it also means I have significantly fewer stories to tell today. Combine that with not a lot of good things happening, and this email is probably going to be short haha.

Probably the highlight of the week, though, was Randy finally coming to church! There's really not much else to explain about it, though... but he was there! He's just a really good guy. It is kind of hard to teach him, because he has his whole plan for salvation laid out, but it is a pretty good plan so we don't really alter it much. We just go over, and he asks us questions for two hours about what he read that week (he finished Helaman this week!) and then he explains what he is going to do to live more in line with what God wants and to get his family on board. Haha it's pretty great.

Hmm, well downer of the week is from Shane. He texted us this week to say that he was going to have to postpone meeting with us until the latter half of March, so he could "get [his] life together." He says he still plans on coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon in the meantime, and still has every intention of getting baptized in the end, but he wasn't there yesterday. Over the past few months I have learned a lot about the Light of Christ. It's given to everyone, and through it, the Holy Ghost can testify of truth. But, it certainly doesn't latch onto the Holy Ghost the same way the Gift of the Holy Ghost can. When the Asians went on vacation for three weeks, they went from doing wonderfully to not wanting to meet at all. When Shane goes two weeks without church or a lesson, he goes from pure enthusiasm to wanting to put things off. We certainly weren't going to argue with Shane and run him off completely, but it is aggravating for him to be so on fire with things last week and now, while not completely disinterested, quite unenthused this week. Argh!

Michael is equally frustrating. He is so tied up in the choice being between a church that does a much better job of displaying its message (us, through Mormon Messages, full time missionaries, and General Conference) and a church that has existed for 2,000 years (the Russian Orthodox). He ignores the 8,000 miracles that God has used to answer his prayers and continues to just logic it out, ignoring the bigger picture. He asks, is amazed when he gets an answer, then still keeps thinking about whether he likes our media or Orthodox antiquity more. Again, super frustrating!!

Haha other than that, most of our week was spent going to homes of members who the ward is pretty sure have moved. Lo and behold, most of them have moved! Ha, I think we found two people who did live there. One of them clearly wanted nothing to do with us, the other one had actually moved out and was just moving back in this Saturday. But, there's absolutely no good stories to tell from most of it.

The only one that is a decent story is when we tried to contact one member, she had moved but her aunt lived there. She was a refugee from Liberia, and we ended up having a great lesson with her! She is super nice and loved Alma 7:11-12. She actually had a Book of Mormon on her shelf, and when we showed her that verse, she went and found it, then said she was going to read that chapter when we left! Ha, it might be hard to teach her, though, because she really likes the church she's in, and kind of has the "All churches are true!" attitude. She also thinks that there are all sorts of prophets. So, even though she readily said she believes God came to Joseph Smith, she doesn't seem to think that is too significant haha. But, she said we could come back! So, that's good!

Like I said, not much going on. So, rather than scrambling to find something and instead rambling about nothing, I shall depart! 

I love you, but I don't miss ya!
Elder Allen

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